when technology meet human emotion…

In a world where time is speeding up, where your customers are more and more connected, we offer you a new experience. The experience of using technology as a mean to trigger human emotion. Social Robotics is a singular asset for your strategy by representing innovation at the service of tomorrow’s world. Social Robotics is a unique asset of your strategy. We represent innovation serving the world of tomorrow.

Social robotics

bringing emotions into customer experience


Social Robotics is the idea that emotion weaves the customer relationship of today and tomorrow. Customers are more attached to the values of a brand than to its products. In a world where storytelling influences our bonds and our actions, emotions play a key role in attracting and retaining customers. Offer your customers the emotion they expect and the relationship you expect. 

A unique experience

Your customers will discover a new digital experience that will meet their desires and needs in a natural way. Pepper then becomes their personal advisor, remembering their needs, their habits or the content they are interested in. He can anticipate their expectations and offer them a unique journey.

A social bond

Much more interactive than an information point or a simple tablet, our solution creates a social link that will significantly impact the relationship with your customers, patients and partners. They will be attracted by their new advisor as much as your products. Let your customers establish a social bond and enjoy a friendly moment of exchange!

A connected journey

Offer a journey that reflects your image through an integrated marketing and communication offer. Meet your customers’ expectations with a differentiating digital offer. Pepper is connected and interacts with their smartphones, so your customers will can find all the information they need in one place.

Forget about kiosks and touch pads, let's get emotional!

The digitalization of information, sales support and reception media is now an integral part of people’s daily lives. What if we’d shake codes to add emotion as well? With Social Robotics, all the channels of exchange are combined in a single product: the humanoid robot! Pepper can interact in 15 languages and recognizes emotions! He is a speaker who knows how to use the three keys to speaking: the choice of words, gestures and postures, and the tone and flow of the voice.

Digitalisation of your informative, promotional or loyalty medias

Whether they are adressing information, sales, engagement or educational, contents are essentials for you and your customers. The multiplicity of media and channels can create a loss of information and a tedious and costly management process for their updates. Our solution allows you to digitize your contents in order to inform, promote and retain your customers, visitors or collaborators without even thinking about it!

Optimization of productive activity processes

Pepper is as much an interactive information point as it is a productive relay. It can carry out repetitive tasks such as registering your guests at an event, enrolling your customers in loyalty programs after their checkout or sending follow-up emails for your next medical appointment. Because time is expensive, relieve your teams of recurring tasks and entrust them to Pepper.

Social robotics

Our innovative solution 

Social Robotics is the idea that humanoid robotics can help humans on a daily basis. We have been inventing solutions for companies, since 2016.



Firminn is the digital platform for Pepper. It is composed of 11 modules which interact with all its skills abilities: vision, language, behaviour and stimuli. It is a complete tool to mission your robot without any coding. Firmin is therefore the intelligence of our humanoid robot, constantly evolving to best meet the needs of our customers.



Pepper is a singular humanoid robot created for human interaction, ensuring real emotions thanks to its voice, its gestures and its tablet. Pepper is able to recognize human emotions and as well as interacting in 15 languages! Pepper can adapt to many missions to meet your needs, becoming a new point of contact for your customers, visitors and collaborators.



The Social Robotics team is constantly looking for tomorrow's innovation. Creative and experienced, we are at your disposal for all your requests. From consulting to setting up your entire business cases, the Services team is here to support you during your project.

Innovation is part of the Gfi Group’s DNA. We are one of the leading innovative companies in France.

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